September 13, 2012



WRSequence has been successful in the restructure of debt for several very difficult situations. An example would be where banks have decided that they can no longer service the customer and the borrower needs to place the debt with a new lender. We can also help find a new lender when new terms offered by the banking institution cannot be met by the borrower. Our job is to create opportunity out of a difficult situation and work with you or your client to develop a solution to bring the company through the event at hand. Please contact us if you feel that we can help your or your client through any difficult circumstances that have developed.

We at WRSequence are in the business of helping companies find access to cash (equity) for growth and expansion, restructuring debt assisting in development and execution of mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies. We can help your legacy company develop an alternate exit when it doesn’t seem like the next generation wants to come back and take over the family business.