September 30, 2012



WRS Process

Sequence utilizes a process proven to deliver results. The process begins with (i) an introductory discussion. Then Sequence will (ii) enter into a confidentiality agreement and (iii) begin to gather initial information. (iv) Should the parties decide to move forward, we will (v) prepare an engagement letter documenting the services offered and fee structure. Once the (vi) agreement is executed, we will (vii) analyze and evaluate the existing conditions of the company and (viii) work with the company on a plan of action. Sequence will (ix) provide a package of information for potential investors. We will then begin to(x) qualify candidates and make initial contact after which we will (xi) lead the negotiations for the terms and (xii) track the results while continually updating the client. Sequence will (xiii) work towards agreed upon terms with the best candidates via a letter of intent. After this letter of intent is prepared, we will (xiv) coordinate the investors financial and legal due diligence requests as needed. We will (xv) assist legal counsel as needed in the preparation of the purchase agreement prior to (xvi) closing.