At Sequence Financial Specialists, we leverage our experiences to provide our clients with strategic counsel. We offer a comprehensive range of services for both Buy-side and Sell-side transactions.

Buy-Side Transactions

On the Buy-side, Sequence represents purchasers in acquiring a targeted business. We may initiate the transaction by bringing the potential acquisition idea to the client or the client may ask our assistance in completing a transaction with a target they have already identified.

Sequence assists its clients with:

Acquisition Consulting

Buying a business can be a daunting process for someone not well versed in the world of mergers and acquisitions. The team of experienced professionals at Sequence can help determine the best fit for your individual talents and financial resources.

Client Representation Profile

Sequence will research and determine the geographic area and industry that interests you and the financial obligation you are willing and able to make. We will then begin contacting the companies you are interested in acquiring, taking note of their level of interest in selling their company.

Structuring the Deal

Sequence will structure the deal in such a way that will help mitigate your exposure, help maximize your dollars and aims to put you in the best possible position with the senior lender.

Post Closing Consulting

Often times the transition of running a newly acquired business can be a difficult one. However, Sequence is not only there to assist you through every step of the acquisition process but we are also available to assist you after the completion of the transaction.

Sell-Side Transactions

We represent sellers on an exclusive basis and manage the entire process of selling a company in part, whole, or one of its business units.

Sequence assists its clients by providing:

Exit Strategy Options

Sequence will determine the most effective exit strategy for your company and help handle the complex tax issues and business concerns that often arise during this process.

Market Valuation

Through this process, we will be able to accurately assess the value of your company and identify potential buyers. Our goal is to determine the fair market value of the business and help you understand how buyers will view the acquisition of your company.

Descriptive Offering Memorandum

In this descriptive professional report we will review and summarize all aspects of your business in anticipation of the questions potential buyers may have about your company.